Santa Anna Windsup

The Santa Anna Windsup takes Stand Up Paddling to the next level with a fully demountable sailing rig! 

Best of all, the boom and mast can be dismantled, allowing the rig to be packed into its own bag, ready to travel with you wherever you go. It can also be stowed on the deck, allowing you the option to either paddle or sail on your adventures. 

The feedback from those who used to sail longer boards in years gone by is that the Santa Anna takes them back to a time when the sport was fun, laid back and simple without the need for high winds and specialized equipment. 

Available in 12’6″ and 11’5″ lengths, you’re spoiled for choice. Typically the 11’5″ is nimble and will put a smile on your face all day long, with the 12’6″  being the better choice for longer distance recreational days. No matter which you choose, these super light boards, whether paddled or sailed, are a joy to own and offer great value in being multi-functional. Mast base is included.

Mast, boom, and sail are extra accessories, sold together as a complete rig, currently available in 5.3m2 and 6.5m2 sizes.